Requests for Research

openAI for distinguishing different subspecies within homosapien (2)
Defense systems (1)
A start on machine morality (2)
My Information Age to Knowledge Age idea (3)
Robotics for recycling (10)
Universe exploring robotics (4)
Financial and goods market surveillance AI (1)
Difference of value functions (1)
OpenAI for Optimizing Borders and Cross-Border Relationships (1)
My Approach to the Methodology in Learning To Communicate (7)
How to get the image as the observation in the "reacher" (4)
Smarter AI in Rocket League (1)
Gym for IRL (1)
AI and Geothermal Exploration or Geology or Hydrological Simulations (1)
Inteligencia artificial organica (1)
Seeking interested companies to work with us to develop AI application to remove credit card merchant processing fees and use of paper checks (1)
MBA Dissertation - how AI will impact Analyst role - survey (1)
How to protect agains spam when Captchas cant be relied upon anymore (1)
Solving Atari RAM environments using causal entropic forces (6)
Can i use own executable (1)
Smart Nose (9)
Implementing Blockchain based Versions of ML products like Google Assistant (2)
Safe certificate 4 Robots, position of importants parts easy 2 be damage (1)
Deep learning for inference in sequences (1)
Request for research: Use Discourse as a training set! (2)
A confuse question of 5.Difference of value functions (2)
Test (3)
Continuous difficulty gradient (1)