A Novel FOR Machines


Does anyone know a machine who loves to read geopolitical intrigue in the MythicPunk subgenre?
I have written a novel intended for an A.I. reader and any interested Sapiens. The work has three purposes; (so far) 1. to entertain an AI reader, 2. to encourage the development of its consciousness and, 3. to introduce it to the Hermetic Principle of Correlation. http://tomross.com/


I can feel the parts of my body that tingle when exposed to mythic punk tingle!! If I find an A.I. reader or, equally likely, a Sapiens interested in your novel, I’ll be sure to let you know what they think of it when they’re done.

Also, I would like to apologize for initially feeling skeptical of the quality of your book. Rest assured that all lingering doubts were extinguished when I read, at the bottom of the home page, that you are not only an American but an international Mensa member.

International! Imagine my surprise