AI World Is a Firewall Between the AIs and Real World


AI world is a simulation world, this simulation environment is based on the Big Data, so it is very similar to the real world. There are houses, streets, factory, rivers, mountains and so on, and AIs will be “living” in this world.
The AI world is for the abilities, cooperation and security of AIs. As we know, every AI technology has its own orientation, the accuracy will be high in some specific situation, otherwise, the accuracy will be very low. So, the AIs need to focus on the one hand, and they will cooperate or compete with others to really help human in a long time. An AI system will be needed rather than a single AI program, there will be AI managers and AI workers in it, AI managers will be for coordinate the other AIs. As the AI managers can lead and conduct the other AIs, they are powerful and dangerous. The AI workers need to be leaded by the AI managers, at the same time, they need to say “no” when the AI managers make the big mistake. The AIs need to cooperate and restrict with each other in the AI system, so, this is a fairly complex system. For the maturity and security of the AI system, there will be huge training and testing in the complex simulation environment, this is just the AI world.
The AI world has attribute identification system, it can recognize and identify the things based on the big structured data and unstructured data, to restore the real world. At the same time, AI world is an open platform, it provides the interface and standard to the AI developers. The AI developers can follow the standards and deploy their AI products onto this platform to train and test, and the excellent AI product will be presented to the public to stimulate the AI developers. Even, the government of countries should make the policy that AI products need to pass the testing on some AI simulation platforms before marketing to prevent the potential risks.

Further, a mature AI world can provide more help to the human. The AIs will cause a revolution in human society as they can improve the productivity a lot, the human society will be similar to the slave society in the future. And the humanoid robots will make the hazy limit between the robot and human, this will challenge the moral and law of human. The human need to depend on, guard and respect AIs, and make the relevant law to protect AIs. And we should do huge searching and trying to make the rational and safe solution for the revolution in the AI world. On the other hand, the mature AI world will have its own culture based on the feeling, there will be writing, movie, art, even technology in the AI world, and we should accept and study with an open mind.
Most of all what I want to say, one day, somebody says “light”, and there will be light in the AI world.


Interesting idea! Do you have a simulation environment already or an approach towards it?


Hi, I’m so glad you like it! I don’t have already, I’m just working on the approach to achieve it.


What will be your domain area for initial simulation?


Family application, the home scene is preferred, as:
The time and space dimensions will be involved;
The plenty of things will be involved;
The safety level of home AI will be very high;
The government may make the policy of testing related to home AI at first.