Artificial Intelligence in healthcare


AI and blockchain possess the capacity to drastically increase the success rates of such late-stage clinical trials thereby saving a lot of time, money and resulting in a more effective research.iPlexus is one such AI and Blockchain powered research platform.

The blockchain is a secure a securely distributed database shared by multiple parties across a distributed network wherein it is easily possible to record transaction data and audit it. Blockchain technology is being optimized and used in the pharma industry right from segregating patient data to secure the entire supply chain on a global scale. More information at:

AI is a technology that works for the with blockchain. These two technologies can be used together to analyze data to better predict the success rates of new drugs in clinical trials and thereby save a lot of time and money from being wasted on drugs that do not gain success in the clinical trials later. AI also makes it possible for researchers to track the individual patients through multiple studies and enables a better strategy to optimise the trial parameters of trials.

Are there any other known platforms that help research using AI?