Atari game "Ms Pack Man" played without previous training


Here you have a new algorithm named “Fractal AI” playing “Ms Pack Man” on the atari environment, no previous training, no memories, no special coding for a particular game (you could even change the game on the last minute), on a laptop using 1 core and thinking at 1 FPS (it is a first implementation):

More info:

Nice day!

Edit: Uploaded 100 games, result.


Ok I know my shit when it comes to knowing who is making these breakthroughs and allot of people have been saying the wrong things but I did my research on fractal AI and I can tell this is legit.

Wai. H Tsang is correct to say that people know how to build AI but aren’t but its much more complicated than that. Also what he says is true about normal intellects figuring this stuff out, it truly is a journey of self discovery. You need to succeed intellect to discover it, you cant know the box your in so its a tricky journey life takes you on and almost certainly not your normal PHD student.

“Master Algorithm” sounds right too, it being unifying makes sense too. I look forward to see what you’ve come up with.


Another games solved -not all of them has 100 games finished- with the same algorithm are listed here: