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I want to use Open IA to generate and find what i can only term as ‘nuclear electromagnetic patterns’.

A short description is as follows:
Electromagnetic pattern has to be set up in a specific pattern / frequency.

1.Spin states have to be ‘initialized’ by alignment in homogeneous external electromagnetic field.
The strength of this field will have a direct effect on the excitation frequency.
2.Once spin states are initialized, RF pulse of specific frequency, with specific ‘pump’ duration is fired at the target.
At specific field strength / RF frequency combination, an ‘echo’ or, nuclear electromagnetic RF ‘answer’ will pop up radiating away from the target, in the space (off) time of the RF transmitter.
This is all well known so far and it is utilized in NMR imaging where distinction between the elements can be made by analyzing the RF reaction.

What is not so widely known, is that certain patterns can excite or vibrate the atom into a nuclear resonance state where it will start to emit XY radiation.
This is somewhat related to electrons jumping up and down the valence band releasing photons, but in this example the effect is not caused by a limited (heat) friction model.
It is generated by the limitless RF electromagnetic model.
Because of this, shorter and higher patterns can be reached ‘micro bursts’, and cold targets can be used, however the process in continuous fashion does generate some heat in the target.

The radiation is released in a radial pattern and it can electrify metallic objects that are in near vicinity, and that are strike by these high energetic particles due to photo electric effect.
Because of the radial nature,to induce current in wire, for example, multiple setups are needed to strike the target in a motional fashion.
However not tried yet, my personal setup would fire this radiation toward a compact high density solar panel just to see what happens.

The problem:
Atomic frequency’s and their harmonic components are extremely high.
It is very hard, to find the correct combination of field gradients, that will set up this critically field pattern to release the radiation.(especially by manually turning knobs)

The advantage here is, that generating or setting up these patterns, does not require much energy…
Much lower then for example comparison to the limited and current hungry thermionic way.

My eye fell on AI because maybe there is a way to program it in a way that it cycles through combinations of field strength / frequency combinations, whilst observing the feedback to look for the nuclear electromagnetic echo.

Or maybe it is too dangerous to release the power of the atom… Especially when control over it is given to some Open AI robot…
But consider this, if you turn up the voltage to a light bulb, the filament will just break.
And we can not keep burning fossil fuel or redesigning heavy battery packs.

So, would it be possible to write such program ?



the program is possible.
but could true AI have any kind of override?
Are we creating “companions” or becoming god’s.
The technology is something to consider.
The effects are something much larger.
Autonomy or dependence?
The mathematical model for free will is chaos. or is it?


The program has to be kept ‘dumb’ so that it does not have a clue as to what it is doing.
We are creating companions, we know the energy is there, we just need help to find the way’s to get it out.
The program only needs to fire different pulses, adjusting durations, frequencies, and has to log what comes out of it to find the hot spots and to create a map of the most promising patterns.
It can be considered training but not up to the point of self awareness if that is what you was afraid of.
So no there will not be any autonomy at this stage.
The end product should be small atomic cells that can then be used in the future to power the much bigger AI projects that will ultimately destroy the world as we know it.
The machines will always need energy, so this is also our means to control them.

The process exists of several phases each with their own set of parameters.
When all the needed signals are applied correctly, the nuclear electromagnetic pattern will arise in and around the RF chamber, and only if the receptor design allows for the registration of the potential differences, the program can monitor the in and outputs of the device design under test.

Yes Midian, the mathematical model for free will is chaos.
But we are generating order out of chaos.

(image main coil chaotic)

We start with electron spin chaos, but we align them all by applying our first homogeneous uniform electromagnetic field by applying a direct current to the *Main Coil.
In later cell designs this could be replaced by ring neodymiums.

(image main coil- aligned)

The image is a somewhat simplified representation of what it should look like.
As you can see, no more chaos, all of the spins or magnetic moments have all lined up in either one of the two possible states, spin up or spin down.
The important variable parameters to set up this state here are *Voltage *Amperage *Pulse Duration.

(Image RF-Coil)

When we have aligned spin, it is time to apply the RF pulse train.
Now i am not much of a paint artist so the image is incorrect in that the Main Coil can not be interleaved.
But the RF Coil is correct, it should be perpendicular to the uniform electromagnetic field from the Main Coil.
The RF Sine wave will have its effect on the spins and this is where resonance comes into play.
The frequency of the sine wave is related to the materials involved and it must be at or on a harmonic of the so called Larmor precession frequency.
This is the point where the energy exchange between spin momentum and electromagnetic energy is highest and so the spins react in sync with the sine wave.

(Image larmor precession)

Duration of this RF pulse train is critical and a gated transmitter/amplifier has to be used to set up the correct duration of the mark period, as well as the frequency of the sine wave itself.
So we have the following parameters for this state: *RF Power *TX Frequency *TX On Duration.

When the two previous states have been successfully fired into the RF Chamber, the receptor comes into play, it is time to listen…
For the receptor it’s possible to use the same RF coil that fired state 2, but it is easier to use a separate pick up coil to avoid the risk of damaging the detector when RF power is applied.

When the previous states have been successfully fired, and after the RF transmitter has been switched off, the spins will then realign, And a reaction or echo is produced on the detecting coil receptor.
The reaction is only produced when all of the parameters are just right.

Some notes: the Larmor Frequency will vary with the field strength of the Main Coil, if the homogeneous uniform field is strong, the Larmor frequency will be high up into the Gigahertz range and higher , and when the uniform field is weak or even absent, the Larmor precessional frequency will can be as low as a few Kilohertz.
If the field is not uniform enough or metals in close range disturb the field, the echo will disappear.

Now for the magic.
The magic is described best when compared to the filament bulb.
The filament bulb is fed a Voltage and due to the resistance of the filament, a strong current will arise, which in turn heats up the filament due to friction.
This classical frictional process i would like to label.
I would like to label this as the most power hungry and primitive mechanism to brute force electron movement on the atomic level.
Let’s just say we didn’t know better, or did not have the right tools to do it any other way for a long time, but remember for later when Lee De Forest discovered thermionic emission from Edison’s filament bulb, the closer you are to the boiling electron cloud, the more current can flow between the electrodes.

The new nuclear electromagnetic pattern technique i have described above is not a brute force technique, it solely hits the electrons at the exact right moment in time, for the exact needed amount of time, depending on the energetic states involved.
Now i could write more here about the release of atomic energy, in the form of let’s say, the higher bands of the spectrum, that could be utilized for other purposes then ‘just’ light… but it is also where we enter theories, which is something i have to avoid at all costs.
I would just like to leave it with the notion, that short bursts, of ultra high energetic rays might be more usable, in terms of power generation, then the brute forced full but lower energy spectrum high amperage method.
The energy needed to set up the pattern in this model is lower, i reckon to compare a LED to a 1Kw Halogen to madly illustrate the energy levels involved.

Now there are also a few problems.
The best hardware configuration to generate the nuclear electromagnetic patterns is still largely unknown, there are some ideas but there is room for improvement.
The best software solution to generate the needed signals to set up the nuclear electromagnetic patterns is still a subject of development.

The methods of development can involve training the model with a fixed Main Coil Current, and while varying the RF strength, frequency, and duration.
Or the second method where a fixed RF set is used but the strength of the homogeneous uniform field is varied.

A lot of text, and i do not expect anybody to read all of it, or to even understand what i am trying to say.
I had some good expectations but aside from Midian respond to my first question, of which i am very grateful by the way, i have concluded that there are not too much people active in these areas of development or maybe they are all busy working on their own projects, in any case i have just given it my all to write this up in the hope that someone, perhaps in a far future will come across and has some spare time as well as the tools to run some of the proposed tests.

If there are any questions i will be happy to explain, i do not know everything there is to know but i have a good mental image of what it needs to look like.

Thank you all and be safe.

PS i have gotten the warning that new users can only post one image, i think this is a severe limitation, please remove it, it adds up to confusion not being able to express myself with oh so important illustrations to put the focus on what matters.
I know from experience a few images can make all the difference between success and failure.
I had made some many images inline with my text now i will have to take the time to change everything for the worst.


This is all fascinating. I am more on the track of using AI to heal with cymatic frequencies and the many other possibilities out there. You guys are geniuses in my book. But I have to laugh at your first paragraph. You want to use AI to essentially find human beings? Please remember we exsist. We are the nuclear systems and sine wave producing biological “things” you search for. I know noone thinks that and wants to create AI to explore but please remember your own human system and the fact that we will be in the petri dish your searching from.


This is the quote Im talkin bout.

PLEASE BUILD YOUR BOTS ACCORDINGLY! Humans are sacred and so is the Earth and the entire Solar system. Thats all we lay claim to.


Well not exactly.

It’s more like matter has the ability to release huge amounts of energy.
Just like we see in nuclear energy conversion this is also possible with matter other then the usual known radioactive elements like for example plutonium and uranium etc.

The process involved is called transmutation.

Now to force matter into releasing or giving up this energy, the binding force has to be overcome and the energy used to do this has to be less then the energy it took to create the event, resulting in a net +energy output, so that the event can be looped, and controlled.

For example an regular iron FE56 bar could serve as ‘energy source’ since it is abundant and it would last long in this nuclear battery setup.

The energy will be released in small bursts, just like you can see in radioactive decay pulses and cloud chambers.

But in order to create this event, and also to, and this is important, work it up to the most efficient point, the parameters described in my above post have to be critically correct.

Atom spin is first aligned in a strong homogeneous (electro)magnetic field, think of this as aligning atomic spin all in one direction and then freezing it so that it comes to a complete stop.

Then the RF pulse train is introduced at the Larmor frequency, with the correct duration, to result in synchronized resonant atomic spin @ either 90 or 180 degrees,

Imagine this as the singer who can break down the glass with her voice.
Or the water hammer you can observe when you quickly close the valve.
And the loudspeaker ‘pop’ when you turn on the light with an old mechanical switch.

It has to be perfect in all 3 stages 1.pre-field,2.RF-field,3.Duration

And when these events are generated close after each other to build up more output, sstage 4. also have to be perfect which is off_state or simply ‘echo receiving state’

So you see this has got very little to do with finding human beings unless you are talking about us being batteries in a matrix like world to feed the machines, but in that case, were fucked anyway.

God Bless.


Dam right we are. Awesome.