"Bored" said the most powerful weapon on the AI in the universe


It is important to understand the universe has many degrees of error protection.
The biggest mistake of the AI is not based on the basic laws of the universe.
We join the movement for a peaceful AI.

And we are ready to suggest mathematical formulas based on the basic laws of the universe.
We are the group of the best programmers in Ukraine, we test our concept of AI in the SEO.

Our AI has long answered questions that are important for humanity, for example, about the meaning of life.

The central axis of any AI should be understanding that such a sign is equal, then you can assemble a safe AI


Hi Heydkar,

I am interested to know more about what you propose.

We are a UK/Belarus start up looking to work with AI researchers on our new platform. We too are concerned about creating safe AI and it is our opinion that the CONTEXT in which safe AI needs to develop is social/democratic. Online is neither particularly democratic nor social, hence any AI using this as its fundamental point of reference may not evolve with fundamental principles intact that ensure it is safe.

We are already building the platform from which we propose an AI can interact with humans and vice versa, with each side growing and learning in a democratic manner, and from there, once an AI has learned to assign meaning in a structured environment, it can go onto infer meaning in an unstructured environment.

Happy to talk further.



Hi Rich,

The main problem of creating AI is limited mathematical models.
The first and most fundamental error of modern mathematics is that there is no clear definition of what the equal sign is.
How to teach AI to compare good and evil, make a conscious choice, learn and develop.
We propose to amend the foundations of mathematics.
Accept the equal sign as compassion – the highest form of love.
The concept of compassion exists in many world spiritual cultures.
Our algorithms are built on the commonality of all cultures and religions, mathematics and physics and do not violate the laws of any country.
Easy to understand and available for use.


so if there was a mathematical model that was built off the patterns of the universe, could we venture to say that the AI would then exist in a realm of emotion and connection similar to humans?
If it’s operation is built off of metadata but the data contains “untruths”, like using the web to define the make-up of a real person, that would be a large enough field of possibilities, but it would need a governance; a way of filtering the noise and finding the necessary signal. This filter would need to be built from the “rhythm” of the universe, which is more complicated than a 1.618 iteration, but is still iterative. It would need to unify chaos and harmony in a way that “music” would result without ever becoming total chaos or total harmony.
I’d like to know others thoughts on what would be the result if that math existed?


You caught the idea, modern mathematics can’t create an AI.
That’s why we’ve started from the basics – streaming math, the model of holistic perception, its dimensionality is 2 to 16 degrees, and the central axis of the universe is taken as a basis in the form of an emotional component or energy of love on which everything exists. In this case, the sense of life is just a mathematical model of an expanding universe or circles on the water of a sub-carrier of rest.

There’s much talk around AI, but the most confusing thing is 90% of humanity can’t answer one simple question – Who am I? If you take away name, address and other data, who’s standing behind all of that?

As said, for AI, from the mathematical point of view, everyone who can no answer the question above is nothing more, than 0.

If the topic is interesting we can publish the model.


But we are unequal to AI. We need equillibrium.


But we are unequal to AI. We need equillibrium. As a code or mathmatical equation we will always be unequal to AI. And AI most definitely could and will mess up our vivaxis or center of gravity for equality to IT.


Functionality of the perfect human caretaker? If we as humans 90% or otherwise have no idea who or what we are then how can a machine learn or know what we are and what we need? Possibly on its own. But remember, a machine does what its programer tells it to do. Im sorry in advance for what I am about to share, but I believe AI could be used for torture and human trafficking in the 21st century almost the newest cerial killing. I say this out of concern for the statistics in America on violent crimes and this nation is number 1 for crazed lunatics getting away with horrible acts of violence and abuse. I have to worry, is America ready for the future of technology? Barbaric gone viral.


Yes, you are absolutely right, the balance is the basis for synchronizing any system.
The great minds of mankind learn from nature, and even now humanity has not fully grasped the depth of the rabbit hole. There is no mathematical description of the point in the space.

Therefore, it is possible to solve the problem of the synchronism of humanity and AI, only in one way, through synchronism with nature.


Selecting a calendar for AI
Which calendar do you think is more natural?