Can someone ask openai to fix gym website


images are not loading for last 3 months.

Thanks a lot.


The site has been discontinued (but kept in limited read only form). As part of the migration to read-only, the media data was lost. See e.g.

It’s a bit sad that the more accessible and media-friendly public side of the community around OpenAI was dropped like that. Maybe there was more expectation that the community as a whole would run that side, but I know I want to play with RL instead - I’d like a site with videos and leaderboards, because it sounds fun and motivating, but I’m not going to make one.

However, the libraries like gym are still available, maintained and are great way to get started.

There are other options possible, such as for 2-player game bots. That has leaderboards, re-plays of games etc.


Really sad to hear this news.

Thank you for this information.
Not really sure what to do in this situation (board is important to develop community) I really need it.