Careers in artificial intelligence and robotics


Artificial intelligence is arguably the most exciting field in robotics. It’s certainly the most controversial: Everybody agrees that a robot can work in an assembly line, but there’s no consensus on whether a robot can ever be intelligent. Ultimate Artificial Intelligent (AI) would be a recreation of the human thought process — a man-made machine with our intellectual abilities. There are ample career in artificial intelligence and robotics.The field of artificial intelligence is seriously understaffed. There are lot of careers in artificial intelligence and robotics specifically but finding technology leaders (CIO/CTO, head of product, Engineering Head etc.) who know how to credibly manage teams made up of AI, data science and innovative product specialists will prove to be difficult going forward. Attracting top talent can be time-consuming, costly, and complex, but science and analytics can simplify and accelerate your search while mitigating risk. Entry level positions require at least a bachelor’s degree while positions entailing supervision, leadership or administrative roles frequently require master’s or doctoral degrees.

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