Could someone upload a VM with pre-installed Universe?


Hi everyone
Since there is a lot of problems to install Universe, it could be useful to post a virtual machine with everything set up, and ready to use, it could help people with no / few knowledge on linux to be able to set up correctly everything.


This is a bomb idea. I’m not sure how this would be done though. Anyone have a good idea? Like a base ubuntu image with the pre-installed packages? Any pro linux users out there?


Running the agent in docker is the closest thing to this that currently exists, and it certainly does the job for someone who’s getting started.

Roughly, the process is:

  • Install a linux distro (virtual or physical) that supports a recent version of docker, install docker and git on it
  • git clone then cd universe to clone the repo and enter the directory
  • docker build -t universe . to create a docker image tagged as ‘universe’
  • Follow the instructions at, replacing the image name ‘my/agent:latest’ with 'universe’
    Note that you can use the --it parameter and add /bin/sh to the end of the ‘docker run’ command to open a shell, then you can run ‘python’ and follow the instructions in the main readme to experiment.