Crazy amount of AI ideas


Just made an account, I feel like I can teach people to code pretty much anything, I myself just don’t know how to code for shit and my brother is pretty good at it but I wouldn’t call him a “master” coder. I often find myself helping him to resolve issues in his code simply by applying my knowledge with his. I don’t have much money but I’m workin on that, my brother and I are creating a videogame, and I’m sure i will have to help him figure out how to code and implement a lot of ai. The last videogame he made was a card game based mom which by developing taught him a lot but I want to take his full understanding now and apply it to a new game with my input put into this one. Does anyone wanna read some ideas? I hope maybe the ideas we implement can further expand knowledge in this area so I’d be more than happy to share them here with you guys.


Yes, it will be interesting to learn what are your ideas, if you would like to share them here.


New Ideas are always welcome :slight_smile: It have lot more to learn, and in community, it gets polish a lot with many other suggestions :slight_smile:


As with any programming/ ML, a great man once said “Talk is cheap, show me the code” :slight_smile:


Go ahead, please

Good luck with the game


oh hey, sorry i will definately hit you guys up. oh and dude who said
something about show me the code, bro my ideas are worth more than anything
any human can input into a machine.


Rald, what are some of the ideas you want to share