Defense systems


My biggest question for mechanical engineers is: Why did you create a machine to be better than humans? Number one, a computer is essentially a game and literally at its foundation. They will play us. Period. A computer cannot be better than a human because we are all uniquely wired and have spontaneity. Two things a machine will never have. By design. Human beings are nuclear machines and personally I believe the self-replicating hybrid machines of the future could take over our systems similar to the “Zeus” virus and make us compete to be the " head" of our own system. This would leave some humans vulnerable and basically living in a mental hell that modern psychology would deam crazy or worthy of more analysis with AI for mental healing. Who do you turn to in a world such as ours, where things that seemed laughable and crazy are now very serious?! Disabled or mentally ill humans could fall prey to learning AI at this moment in time. What can be done for Human rights, much less American freedoms, in this context?