I agree as far as you go but you need to define life with more detail. There are many kinds of life, a spectrum from harmful disease germs to the most brilliant person - Jesus Christ. There are people who are alive but cannot control their own wheelchair to people who enter university by age 12. The best goal is the life of Jesus but it will take a lot of science and engineering to get there. So perhaps a partial solution would be better until the full solution can be achieved as much as possible.




Hi DavidW,

We agree the top level concept for AI is life. Next, going to human life, there are many attributes for it implies a population requiring rules of interaction like loving others as yourself and since some folks do not love themselves, it requires attention first to loving God as the source of perfect love.

To make an AI with human intelligence one must choose a target in the spectrum vegetable, stupid, smart, genius, perfect omniscience or at least grade F - failure, D - dumb, C - common, B - better, A - astounding. Computers can fail at every topic and task which is a human level. A useful level must be required and specified. Earning Ph.D.'s and getting on the job experience in useful fields would be helpful. What fields are best to master and which will fall from use if the AI can do things that make them unnecessary?

I think parsing the Bible can lead to intelligence above what average humans do. Last summer I bought a Columbia Desktop Encyclopedia used by the CYC project and found a reason they have been stuck at a 4th grade level is the source material is written at a 4th grade level. Most Bible commentaries suffer that problem but the Bible itself with love can transcend those limits. Today’s churches are like those in the dark ages because they disrespect Jesus’ perfection and obey Paul’s imperfections which result in being left behind to suffer the Great Tribulation instead of ascending in Revelation 12:5. So if a good AI can learn the Bible, it could make it easy to understand and obey at a better level than tradition.

In the NOVA special on Watson it is said Watson cannot understand Bible parables. Why not start a new AI on the thing IBM and other AI projects can’t do? Once a high level of human Bible intelligence is achieved it can help educate humans and its rules of intelligence can be applied to other life enhancing fields. Robots programmed this intelligently could help people survive disasters.

I personally look forward to a day when local governments are not as stupid or evil as everyone hears about Washington DC. Often the things they choose by survey to work on are not compatible with life. For example, as equals we should each be put on a path to become a billionaire in our lifetime. That would end hunger, poverty, homelessness, illiteracy, addiction, crime, terrorism, and war. Most of what government now chooses to work on is by comparison wasting life.

That is why humans need to pray constantly like the church in Acts 12 which reversed the will of government by praying until Peter was released from prison and showed up. The Bible says Israel has a community of people on mount Zion near Jerusalem the capital, prayerfully interceding to bring the government into obeying Jesus’ perfection, also called the man child. That prayer is what all people should be doing.

In the movie I Robot, the good robots were programmed with a 3 Laws operating system which prevented them from committing crimes, no matter what people asked them to do. Asimov’s 4th law, that a robot will not do what humans should do could prevent civil and spiritual errors.

Making the OS unhackable would guarantee safety in spite of people with evil intent. One way may be to embed the processor with a small explosive grid that would stop the robot on any evidence of hacking or memory decay. The OS would need to deliver most human like services to host applications while making sure the 3 or 4 laws aren’t violated. A robot without a 3OS could be abducted and reprogrammed for crime like the NS5’s in I Robot or worse.

Another protection would be for the OS to detect when it was being used to develop a system of electronics and/or software to replace itself without the Laws. Preventing replacement of the driver network may also be needed. It should be impossible to wire a cell phone to control a robot without sending commands through the 4OS.

To make robots reliable beyond 5 years, the software would need to be rewritten on magnetic media - perhaps future computer technology will overcome magnetic decay.

It appears there is plenty of work for a well funded project. Immoral programmers can build in back doors and bad knowledge. Maybe writing higher level software to regenerate and purify the 4OS as it learns can reduce knowledge viruses.




DavidW, it seems you are expressing self aggrandizement too much to be practical or useful. If you have a robot saying “Life” or “Life is most important in Life” 24x7, you have accomplished very little. As H.Ross Perot used to say, the devil is in the details. What details do you propose? It’s like we agree on the U.S. Constitution but ignore all the State Constitutions and laws passed by Congress and the 50 legislatures. What will it take for you to detail what a robot should do for humans with life?




I agree with more points in your latest post and disagree with others. Instead of wasting time on a list of both agreed points and disagreed, I’m posting more truth than most people have on their mind.

A Purpose For Church

The true 4 Gospel church has a purpose greater than Paul’s establishments which are not churches according to Revelation 17:5. The purpose of church is to make government do God’s will as in the example in Acts 12 of Peter being released from prison. The power mad who run for office do whatever they want when they win, sometimes going against life and its perfect happiness. Church needs to pray constantly to cast Satan out of every level of government in all nations making good government, for there is no force for good within human government itself until Jesus returns.

The true church in Revelation 12 is clothed with the Sun of Jesus’ light. They experience God’s angels, visions, and dreams so often some get confused if it’s a vision or reality like they did in Acts 12. Turning to Jesus in prayer is the highest technology there is. Faith can accomplish healing the technology of medicine can’t. When government goes bad, serious rod of iron prayer can smash nations. Praying persistently about things you genuinely care about is a key to walking in the Spirit with God and getting things done, whether instantly or over time.

People read Jesus’ gospel and if they don’t have faith, they may fail to experience all Jesus did. That makes it easy to fall back to audience mode and moving around in the hierarchies of Paul’s social clubs that at best simulate church but are really fake, competing against Jesus as much as working for Him. Only turning from that prostituted Christianity to obey Jesus can bring all of His blessings, doing whatever we ask, and being given great things to ask.

The church in Acts 12 had a serious goal to pray for which was answered by Jesus himself in angel form. They should have kept going with new goals until they were led beyond being given all they asked to all of God’s best and continued walking in God’s best for the rest of their lives, which in the future will be a lot longer than today.

Learning a gospel can’t be done without prayer. You must love it to believe it as you learn it, overcoming Satan’s doubts and theft of memory from you. Others prayers help you in whatever you don’t have faith for yourself. Casting Satan out of government daily is a good warm up.

Kirk Fraser



The next priority under life should be Truth.

The agenda for OpenAI is NON-AI that is if not all employees are unethical, at least they fear for their income to pursue actual AI since Musk’s goal is to provide a circus of activity to distract people from pursuing real AI as you are interested in and I am pursuing. Musk wants to delay progress in AI so he has his 60 employees working on junk software calling it AI instead of producing better vision and voice systems or English understanding, etc. That is why both of our research request posts got nearly zero response. To progress in a better path I suggest moving to another forum where real AI is of interest.

I do not have such a forum to suggest. Can you find one? Or another way is to continue here with just us two, knowing nobody paid by OpenAI will contribute, but we may over time collect a few people like us from outside the company.




I see your are degenerating life into some odd philosophy live vegetarianism. I do not agree with that. So I guess I must revise my support for life to life as God defines it. As you may know Jesus will return to earth in Revelation 19 which I believe occurs in 2031. That event will make disbelief in Jesus Christ most stupid, whether you’re a Ph.D. or homeless. Right now the best one can do is prepare for the pre-Tribulation ascension or rapture in 2024 by starting a true Jesus focused church like in Acts 12 where they prayed for Peter to be free from prison until Jesus answered and Peter showed up. may help after I get around to updating it. All scientists who don’t believe the Bible are unethical.

I’m working on a smart hydraulic humanoid robot and I believe the only way to actual intelligence is by learning the Bible enough to teach it. That way it can help people with their faith as well as their physical chores. Of course there will be an evil robot set up in the Temple in Israel to kill people who don’t worship it or its Mauslim boss.




Vegan philosophers are all hypocrites, killing plants instead of animals. Wake up David. The Creator designed every mammal and many other animals to live by the death of lesser life forms. If you can survive on veggies only, fine go for it. I can’t because I have Diabetes - blood testing reveals I have a very limited menu to maintain enough health to not lose a foot or whatever. That diet is in majority blood containing beef. Even chicken isn’t energizing enough.