Financial and goods market surveillance AI


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Hi Guys so I myself have background on consumer product safety, Quality management and market surveillance…these are two different subject but the goal would remain the same (the operability will also be very different, as numerical for financial markets surveillance and may need to be brought to the works space for good markets surveillance).

Governments of most advanced societies have rules, laws and standards that organizes and framework financial operations and services and protect then interest of an citizen X who become a customer of those services, in the same way consumer products are also subjects to laws and standards, and of course there is always an enforcement structures that have developed procedure IT systems that helps them monitor markets and protect (humans from humans :wink: ). I will be very limited speaking about the first but i will try to engage into details for the consumer products safety and the utility of an AI.

Consumer product safety is about to make sure products that are made locally or imported, respect the standards and regulations(voted and imposed for each country or group of countries like EU. It is easy when it comes to food and all biological stuff that can be easily control at labs to make sure nothing is wrong, but fr the rest it is a different story, for a TV, a Chair, a hairdryer, problems usually about materials and toxicity, etc…but also design problems, and sometimes design problems that causes serious injuries for the consumer ultimately…Consumer product safety is operated by governmental agencies and have important HR and other resources to perform control and do the hero job, however with the time,complexity of production and chain production, the data to collect and questions to ask and standards involved that need to be respected, and importantly design mistakes or errors that will cause troubles…etc…this is a field that needs AI help.
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