For dual-boot Ubuntu/Win10 box Windows Creator update breaks GRUB Loader


Maybe a little off-topic for Openai Forum - don’t know how common Ubuntu/Win10 dual boot is in the Forum. My main OpenAI dev machine is 95% dedicated to Ubuntu AI dev and is dual boot. For grins I just did the Win10 Creator’s update on it and it completely broke the Ubuntu GRUB loader. Lots of web hits immediately suggest doing troubleshooter surgery on the Ubuntu partition, but I wound up just backing out the Win10 update to the previous version through the Windows Options menus. Surprisingly it worked seamlessly. I’m booted into Ubuntu now on that box and am staying there for the foreseeable future. I can wait indefinitely, if ever, to update Win10 - and will be sure to do a comprehensive backup of Ubuntu partition(s) before attempting any Win10 update on this box.


Hey I did something similar and screwed up things pretty bad.
I installed ubuntu onto an m.2 nvme drive and everything was peachy.
Then I tried to install windows and boy did things break. Long story, ubuntu stuff is gone and I somehow lost like the 40 gigs than no software can find anymore. The suggestion that was offered was to simply buy a seperate hard-drive for linux and have a separate drive for windows. Or simply to make a VM for the OS you use less. Crappy indeed, keep us posted how you proceeed


My post was mainly to pass on a quick and simple recovery step for the latest Win10 Creators Update snafu, It probably works for maybe the most common use case of having installed Ubuntu dual-boot on an OEM Win10 machine. There are a number of issues even getting that working - see: . I have the luxury of keeping my household apps on a Win10 only laptop (BTW - I see MS pushed out a new major Win10 Update on it last night - no idea if it addresses the issue in question). Knowing what I know now I would never recommend installing Win10 dual-boot on top of Ubuntu. If I needed something like that I would probably try to run Win10 off a USB stick boot only. My main OpenAI dev box is a pretty new and sweet I7/Nvidia gaming machine bought just for the purpose. I’ve had that up and running fine for 3-4 months, and can finally do efficient GPU OpenAI/Tensorflow calcs. My only reasons for booting to Win10 on that box are to play around with getting Universe working on Win10 and to play a couple Steam video games - not what I bought it for so I’m not planning to boot to Win10 on it any time soon.


This does seem kinda off-topic, yeah.

I don’t think that Windows developers feel much responsibility to not break non-windows things on a computer, so I would be careful letting something from Microsoft permanently change your computer.


In my mind MS absolutely bears responsibility to not permanently change your computer, In fact they did not permanently change my computer. An immediate rollback of the offending Win10 update fully restored the GRUB Loader operation. Diversity in the computer OS sector is arguably just as in important as in other walks of life, so MS deserves some benefit of the doubt in addressing issues like this. I just submitted a problem report on MS’s Win10 Feedback Hub on this issue. If I get a reply from MS I’ll post it here. Other than that I’m not sure what I could add to the discussion at this time. To future kind readers of this topic please disregard it if it does not apply.


Sorry, by permanent I meant that the computer will remain affected indefinitely (without human intervention)