Forum closing in a week


We will be closing these forums in ~1 week, as we no longer have time to maintain them. Please save any content that you wish to have access to.


You have got to be kidding me.
I deliberately left important information here for future visitors to find.
Information that will change the course of history.
And you are going to close the forum.
What a joke.
Thanks for NOTHING.


Complaining when a free service closes is pointless. The owners are fully within their right. If your work is valuable to you, collect it together and take responsibility for it. If you think it is important to keep it public, then publish it somehow, maybe in a blog or on Github.

However, I would ask @cberner, if it is possible and easy to make an archived copy of posts available - maybe as a .zip or .gz file - then this might help dedicated site users like Marcos, whilst still achieving your goal of closing the active service.


I would say just put the forum read-only for a year or two.


Do you think that the brightest future of AI lies in the future or in the past?
We haven’t even started yet and they are already closing the boards.
Why put them up in the first place if they are to be removed before the big AI bang.
The discussions will continue, just not here.
It will happen anyway, just not here.
I expected this website to be a starting point of something big, that is why i took the time to invest in it.
This now, seems to have been a mistake and a waste of time.
Whether it is free or not, does not change anything about the importance of the matter.
They could do a round of donations if that was the issue, but it seems to be a lack of moderators, or moderators without time to moderate and what not.
AI is going to be a big thing in our close future, with or without this board.
If someone has alternatives please let’s hear it, the github is a good example, thank you.


You complainers still don’t understand, this forum closure is just another step in Elon Musk’s programme to dumb down the pursuit of AI. That is why OpenAI exists, to suck up the talent and spin their wheels so nothing useful gets done.

We can speculate on many reasons for Musk’s attitude - perhaps he wants to keep life on earth poor so people will ante up to move to Mars instead of enjoying an AI assisted life on earth. Perhaps it’s just Elon’s roots as a South African slaver who wants to keep people in economic slavery instead of letting AI robots do everybody’s work so everyone can be free to pursue Jesus’ Christ’s absolute perfection for their own lives.

Whatever the root, maybe the discussions were not as unproductive as management wanted. I expect that is the reason comments were disabled from Singularity Hub too. Anyone with a replacement forum please inform us. I ran a bulletin board in the past and it is annoying to delete all the robo-spam ads on all kinds of products.