Forum Edits Please?


Most modern Forum software empowers the author to edit or even delete his own posts. Why not this one?

Some forums at least allow edits for a few minutes after posting so the poster can make typo corrections which they may miss when typing but see in posted form. Why not this one?

There is at least one strategic word omitted from my first research request Toward A Work Free World that seriously needs an edit, please. Notify me at my signup email when you add this sorely needed feature. Thanks.


I though you could . . . 1s, checking . . .

Yes you can. It’s the pencil icon. Unless your browser has some problem and it’s not displaying? Or perhaps it is only available under certain rules (e.g. not a thread start, or only until someone replies etc)

There is also a trashcan icon for deletion.


Thank you very much! My eyesight is not what it once was.