Gym Environment Creation


I’m new to Openai and Gym. I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 and have all the dependencies installed with me. I’m unable to figure out the sequence of execution of commands for the construction of a ‘new’ gym environment.

Please refer here.

When I’m trying to implement the same on my own, it displays:

raise error.UnregisteredEnv('No registered env with id: {}'.format(id))
gym.error.UnregisteredEnv: No registered env with id: trading-v0

Please explain me the correct sequence of execution of files in detail for this example.
Thank you.


Did you try to install the environment? clone gym-trading repository and then run python install inside.


Yeah, I did. Now, I imported gym_trading into all the files in envs folder. Now, it’s throwing attribute error like ‘timelimit’ object has no attribute ‘run_strat’. If you succeed in building the environment properly without any error, can you please tell me what you exactly did??

Thanks in advance.


Looks like that environment was built with older version of gym.
Try installing gym 0.7.3 by
pip install 'gym<0.7.4'


Did you find solution?