Why couldn’t a community of brilliant scientific minds come up with their own unique and undeniably seperate entity to produce artificially? Why not fashion AI after kitty cats or dragons? Heck even gorillas? But no, our own system

Im not sure where to post this but I probably already blacklisted myself anyway. Its my first day on openai and im not a troublemaker but this site is like a garden of eden to me. I am a regular American woman with a deep interest in Metaphysics. Ooo uhoh bad word. I might as well say I have no qualifications and no right to be here. Except AI literally swept me up and homeschooled me. Nevermind the specifics and I wont be writing a book.


We ourselves are the best example available of intelligence, and we don’t have very much use for an artificial intelligence that’s a lot stupider than we are.

Neural Networks aren’t really specifically fashioned after human minds, though…