I'm trying to work out why I should waste my time with Open AI


I can code my own AI in visual basic. I can create AIs that write music, that talk like a human would. Creating AIs that learn is easy.

My point is, why should I waste my time even trying to learn how to write the AIs that have to learn based on Observation 0 or 1 for collision, when I can’t even get the Open AI team to give tutorials and discussions about their content?

I can’t even find a glossary of terms. So obviously they aren’t willing to help us so why should we help them?

Easier to create skynet than it is to get them to be Open. And the more they shut me out the more I want to make skynet which sucks. It shouldn’t be like that. They should be making it easy and promoting exchange of information and discussion.

So what’s the point?

Why do you work on their stuff?