Increasing investments by private firms is proliferating the global artificial intelligence in healthcare market to hit at 40.03% of cagr by 2026


Artificial intelligence is a fragment of computer science that creates intelligence in computers or machines. The father of AI John McCarthy defines it as the science and engineering of creating intelligent computer systems, specifically computer programs. The AI in healthcare software utilizes an algorithm to equip human insights to evaluate complicated medical data between the prevention technique and patient outcome. The first noted use of AI was in the 1960s as DENDRAL, a program used in organic chemistry. AI in healthcare finds application in diagnosis processes, protocol development, drug development, personalized medicine, etc. Also, to make these system more efficient, and reliable companies like Microsoft, Google, Intel, IBM and other startups are accumulating advanced analytical and predictive tools in the Artificial intelligence systems.

The Artificial intelligence market is driven by factors such as increasing adoption of AI in genetics, the emergence of personalized medicine for testing clinical decisions, healthcare wearable’s playing an important role in monitoring, AI creating a real-time monitoring system, and the rise of big data in the healthcare industry. The AI in healthcare market is segmented into three segments such as offering, application, and end-users.

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