Neuroplasticity Artificial Intelligence and Mindfunless Methodologies


How I am a student of a university in South America in the country of Ecuador I have been learning how to implement the methodologies of neuronal reorganization of thought through minfunles practices the research has been more than 10 years we are having incredible results my tutor is the mentor of all this and I am your research assistant my specialty is technology then I am developing a platform to transmit this mental change in people through several tools I would like to allow us to share this information and thus help many people and contribute with a grain of sand to the technological and social human development, by the way I live in Ibarra a very interesting city thanks for the attention I hope somebody has the time to read this and answer since the imporante is to share information and to help the development in all possible areas .



Hello Ruben, could you give more info about what you are doing? Links to your research papers would help me better understand your work.


Of course the link of the research is here

the video of tedx

and the web site is