New Environment for Generating Synthetic Turbulence



I’m quite new to gym and hope my question is not trivially stupid!

I am trying to create a new environment for generating synthetic turbulence. You can think of my case as a multi-body environment where you can add and remove elements with specific characteristics to achieve the desired state. Assume that the state at each step is for example the velocities and positions of all “n” elements within the environment. My observation space should then have 3 elements, the first one is the maximum and minimum number of bodies allowed in the environment and the other two should define the maximum and minimum of two (n,3) arrays of velocities and positions which can vary independently.

So I am just wondering if it is possible to implement this using the available spaces? Is there any environment similar to this which I can imitate?

Many thanks



Style Transfer For Fluid Simulations | Two Minute Papers #162:


Hi keghen,
Thanks for sharing the videos, this is very interesting but I am more interested in generating “real” turbulence with “accurate” statistics rather than visual effects mimicking turbulence. That’s why I am trying to write my own env