No sessions with starter-agent


As you can see from my screenshots I start the starter agent but when I go to view sessions there is nothing there :confused:
Not sure what I have done wrong, I had such a struggle setting it up and it works fine with the demo agent that just runs the game and holds down the up key.
Anyone got any tips?
I can only run universe and gym with python2 as well, not sure if that is anything to do with it…
All help will be appreciated, Thanks.


That looks like a tmux issue. Could you verify that tmux works for you at all? I’d also recommend starting with simpler example that has 1 or 2 workers only.


I had a familiar issue , it shows error message as “failed to connect to server” , and “tmux a” shows no session.
I fixed the issue by add the listed detail commands into a bash file, and add sudo before each command line.( I think I have some permission issue during installation).
Then I executed the bash file and no error occurs.
sudo tmux a and sudo tmux list-sessions etc both shows correct message.
However, I don’t know how to check the running result. I will file another question to ask for help.