OpenAI Environment - Glossary of terms?






I want to know what all the terms mean in the OpenAI environments. Is there anywhere on the planet that can explain to me all these bits of information so I can fully understand what the observations are actually giving?


Hey. I can’t answer all, but wrapper refers to some ‘wrapper’ objects modifying others, e.g. to add information to an observation or action space.
I’ve found it helpful to check out a bit of the source code, like doing a search within the github project.
Hope someone else can answer the other two!


Thanks for the reply. Where did you learn that?

I understand all the concepts but I don’t know the words they use to describe things I already know. So they might have something like “Wrapper” and I have no idea but when you explain it like that I go, “Oh is that all. Wish I knew that ages ago.”

It’s like if I just decided to change all the names of all the things in my own coding language to words you never heard of and then refused to tell you what they mean.

Like occurrence_of container equates_to longitude.
if variable = x

See how confusing it would be?

I just need to know where the hell the definition is of each term. Yoyo games has every single function etc listed with an explanation of what it does.

So are we supposed to guess?