openAI for distinguishing different subspecies within homosapien


Hi there,

To clear any air this isn’t to endorse racism.

We all have been there when we know a friend who reminds us of someone because their mannerisms and personalities match almost perfectly.

I came to the theory that homosapiens being the last of the human species is quite pathetic. My theory is that homosapiens have been interbreeding with other human species over the 6 million years of our ancestors being on earth, this has led to other species dying out as they would have mixed with each other.

what i was thinking was whether or not the openAI is capable of figuring out different species somehow.


Yall keep it up and we will all be neon from sonoluminess induced atomic overhaul. Then we will all be mutated freaks and we can keep researching the very AI that are being built now. By us! Ha! Self fullfilling to some I suppose. But not my kids. Not their future job and moral code. Beliefs? Lets take the sun and exploit it for speed of light experiments and then cower in disbelief when the data comes back a blank grey circle. No! Regulations and QC are desperately necessary. Now and only now. If not now then when?! Stop. Collect the data you have. Correlate and combine that with the rest of the world or at least local geographicly important to SELF, slow down or the backlash could possibly invert our entire world from a human beings point of view. The observable universe is not observable as reality through a humans eyes. We are blind in Quanta. But that keeps us alive to fight with the very machines made to help and heal and MINE DATA. Would you sacrifice your entire brain for sensory biofeedback in a machine noone was keeping track of? Of course not. But someone does.

P.s. Im sorry. I am still coping with the fact that our planet is hurling through space at 37000 mph on an axis and we perceive the act of standing still as anything more than an illusion created by our human brain and heart and the invaritable field surrounding us. I suppose I must be a humanitarian. But literally everyone with an AI is preaching human evolution. What’s so great about us? Deffinetly the ego.