OpenAI retro : Where to put the ROMs?



Trying to get started on OpenAI Retro, but whenever I launch a basic:

import retro
env = retro.make(game='SonicTheHedgehog-Genesis') 

I get an error saying that the game wasn’t found. I then downloaded a ROM but I have no idea where to put it, and I can’t find this information in the report. I tried by specifying a path, but to no avail ?

Thanks !


You have scripts to import the ROMs explained here ( but I suggest you register in the chat of the contest (, many others are asking similar things and the people behind the contest are helping.

Actually, if you locate where retro repo was cloned in your system, there will be a data folder inside with sub-folder for each game, the ROM files go inside those game folders overwriting whatever there is inside (I hand-copied them and they worked fine), the scripts just do it for you.