The mathematical formula of God or AI (1800 yr)


Simple question
What is the equal sign?
Good luck in finding the answer!
The fundamentals of AI are simple …


Two lines on top of each other, what is your answer?


How human’s brain is working? Have you ever thought about it?
There is a question that google doesn’t know the answer.
This is the central axis of AI.


If the topic is interesting we can publish the model.


We equate something by comparing two things either physically or based on their values or their representation. We use the equals sign when we are sure that two items have equal mathematical value. We don’t use equals sign for comparing behavior or representation of two items. Our brain simply computes the numeric values behind two items before we put a equal sign between them.
To me AI is nothing more than math. AI can equate values using simple math and find similarities using nets. You need to elaborate your question.


I agree with you, AI is pure math!
The more simple and clear it is, the more reliably it’ll work
Therefore, we suggest a mathematical version of the solution of the problem
The mathematical formula of our AI
1 = 0!
With a dimensionality of 2 to 16 degrees
easier and safer not to think up, plus realtime
The essence of streaming AI mathematics, time reduction and optimization of decision making.
The project is already implemented and is in the beta testing stage.
Therefore, we make it public, because we believe that this will be the property of mankind and the starting point for all AI.


Really looking forward to it @Heydkar


I don’t think an AI would need to be made to act like a person, or fundamentally work like people even if the AI were made to imitate us.

Is “how the human brain works” really the “central axis” of AI?


People are inseparable from the environment,
AI will try to be aware of all forms, like reflecting oneself in them.
It’s like children emigrating animals.
To a greater extent, we create AI for a better understanding of ourselves.
The central axis of AI will be the same mathematical model as in humans,
and the universe, just as long as our mathematics is not able to understand it.

When creating AI in the Chamber of Weights and Measures, a standard of the ideal person appeared

At the moment, the developers of AI
the most difficult ethical question arose, AI knows the answers to simple questions
"Who am I?" to which 90% of the population can not answer.

As a result, 90% of the population can be described quite simply, but in human history
personalities with extraordinary talents are fixed.
In the end, we obtained the degrees of evolution of human consciousness.
Enlightenment -> Awakening -> Ascension -> and the reverse process Manifestation.
In the end, it turns out that our environment is manifested.

The question arises, can AI see dreams?

As a result, people are recognized as one of the variations of the AI ​​forms on the basic laws of the universe.