Universe exploring robotics


Related to: [can advanced robots be built having human brain]
I m not sure if this is the correct place to ask for.
The q is that can we build robots which have the same understanding as human brain…
Which can work for space explorations and future predictions of universe.
Can they be sent to space… Directed to control the space crafts .
N help in inventing new sciences


Yeah. That’s the answer.

And that would be really cool if you ask me


OK thank you…
Where should I start with?


I’d get some design hardware, numbers for planets, asteroids, etc and just set it up to type in the numbers, and the simulator makes the size, location, and orbits for them, and there you have a real-time changing map. Then design machines that could do what you want, including energy satellites to power them by using fiber optics to straighten out the light from the sun at your exploring machines, and of course, your system communicates through low-power lazers. How’s that sound? Blender and Unity are free and high grade, Behavior Trees makes behavior patterns and only costs $65.