Universe Start-up - Highlight need for docker group membership on Ubuntu


I suggest that the universe Start-up should prominently highlight the need for adding your Ubuntu user to the docker group, probably immediately after installing docker. It wouldn’t hurt to remind newbies on the Ubuntu syntax for adding user’s to a group - and remind newbies to logout of their current Ubuntu session and log back on, A reminder on Ubuntu syntax to check that they have indeed been added to docker group might not hurt either.

I’ve worked in advanced AI and Business Intelligence for many years, although I’m not up on the latest AI developments. That’s why I was eager to get into OpenAI. I’ve also been an admin for unix/linux systems in the past, but I’ve been mainly a Windows jock for a long time.

I would have pursued the OpenAI Windows path except all the OpenAI app notes suggested that would be a very hard path to take. So I chose the Ubuntu path, but basically I’m effectively a newbie with linux again. I thought I followed the Start-up instructions to get Gym, Universe and docker installed - but then I went through hours of headaches with seeming security issues and seemingly missing packages (yaml, ujson, twisted, go-vncdriver). I found those packages on GITHUB and installed them manually and seemed to make progress, until I tried to run mt first agent and couldn’t import gym.

I finally fount an OpenAI forum topic which said to add the user to the docker group, which I did and it didn’t seem to fix my problem. That was until I noticed in an Ubuntu how-to that I needed to log out to get the change to take effect. Upon logging out, logging in and running first_agent.pl up pops DuskDriver. I’m sure I knew about logging off in my unix admin days, but I forgot.

I’m pretty sure that not being in the docker group was the exact cause of my “import gym” problem, and may have been the cause of most of my other security and package problems. I’m thinking highlighting the docker group requirement right in the install docker section of the Start-up could get a lot of newbies more quickly off and running with the OpenAI systems.